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Hi. Welcome to my website where you can find out a lot about me and the professional services offered by my companies. As a licensed psychologist, I offer many different kinds of services including assessment and expert witness testimony. I often am a keynote speaker at various events both within the United States and throughout the world. Consulting in the areas of interpersonal violence and trauma is one of the activities I like the best. You can see the books I have written, some videos that have been taken, upcoming talks and trainings, and ways to contact me.  Lenore Walker

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APA 2019 Chicago

At the APA Annual Convention in Chicago in August 2019, Dr. Walker will be joining Dr. Shapiro at the Division 42 Social Hour where he will be receiving the Distinguished Psychologist Award.

Rome IALMH 2019

Dr. Walker will be presenting the exciting new Battered Woman Syndrome Questionnaire (BWSQ) to assess the psychological impact on abuse survivors with other members of our international research team.

New Books in 2019

Handbook on Sex Trafficking

Forensic Practice for the Mental Health Practitioner

About Dr. Lenore E. Walker

 Professor Emeritus, Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Author 

Dr. Lenore Walker is a licensed psychologist in independent practice at Walker & Associates, LLC where she performs assessments, provides expert witness testimony and consultation in forensic cases. An expert in gender violence, she coined the term ‘Battered Woman Syndrome” used in the courts and in trauma treatment models based on her NIMH-funded research. Retired from Nova Southeastern University’s College of Psychology she is now an Emerita and continues her research there. She gives speeches and workshops all over the country and world on various topics in gender violence such as domestic violence, sex trafficking, child abuse, child sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation and harassment.  As an author of numerous books and professional articles, she is now concentrating on writing fiction.

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About the Author

 and her books

Dr. Walker is the author of over twenty books for the professional audience covering different topics in trauma psychology and the psychology of women.  In 2016, she published the Fourth Edition of “The Battered Woman Syndrome” containing the results of her research and clinical work. She also published “The Battered Woman”  for the general public in 1979 and it is still selling well today.

Her book detailing the cases of battered women who killed in self-defense, “Terrifying Love: Why Battered Women Kill and How Society Responds” was published in 1989. See all the books she has written with links for those who wish to purchase them. Today, Dr. Walker is enjoying writing fiction using the countless stories she has heard from her work over the last forty years.

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Continuing Education
and Innovative Professional CEs

Dr. Walker is continuously involved in continuing education, both providing it and as a learner. For example, she is a student in the New Directions Program for mental health professionals who are writers. She travels around the world helping to design better protection for abused women and children. In 2017 she was in Peru, Prague, and Germany.

Some of the upcoming programs in 2018 include participating in the Broward County Domestic Violence Summit on January 17, 2018 to be held at NSU, training in Domestic Violence, Ethics, and Medical Errors for psychology license renewal on January 19, 2018, at NSU College of Psychology, and at the American Psychological Association annual meeting in August 2018 in San Francisco.

The newest company that Dr. Walker has become a principal in together with Dr. Rachel Needle is called Innovative Professional CEs and is intended to provide online training for professionals. The first major training program will be in trauma and contains 36 hours of videos in various techniques used in trauma therapy by different specialists including some case consultation. It is expected that this program, leading to a certificate, will be online by Spring 2018.

Walker & Associates

Forensic Evaluations and Expert Testimony

Walker & Associates, LLC is a psychology firm that specializes in forensic evaluations and expert testimony to assist attorneys in helping answering legal questions before the court. Dr. Lenore Walker, the psychologist who heads the firm, has been providing these services for the past forty years. Originally creating the defense using Battered Woman Syndrome for women who killed their abusers in what they claimed was self-defense, the testimony has developed into criminal defenses for a variety of other crimes of duress or in civil and other cases where abuse has impacted someone’s state of mind.

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