Walker & Associates

Specializing in Forensic Evaluations and Expert Testimony.

Walker & Associates, LLC is a psychology firm that specializes in forensic evaluations and expert testimony to assist attorneys in helping answering legal questions before the court. Dr. Lenore Walker, the psychologist who heads the firm, has been providing these services for the past forty years. Originally creating the defense using Battered Woman Syndrome for women who killed their abusers in what they claimed was self-defense, the testimony has developed into criminal defenses for a variety of other crimes of duress or in civil and other cases where abuse has impacted someone’s state of mind. Assessment of the psychological impact of all forms of gender violence (i.e. rape, sexual exploitation and harassment, child abuse, sex trafficking, and domestic violence) and how the experience impacts someone’s state of mind in civil cases is also provided. Some cases of access to a child after allegations of abuse have been made can also be evaluated and testimony may be provided where possible. Please see our fee schedule for more information.

Dr. Lenore Walker is a licensed psychologist in several states and Board Certified in Clinical Psychology and in Couples and Family Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. She has practiced all over the U.S. and in several other countries around the world.  She earned her doctoral degree in psychology from Rutger’s, The State University in N.J. in 1972 after attaining an M.S. in Psychology from City College of the City University of New York (CCNY) in 1967 and a B.A. from Hunter College of CCNY in 1962. In 2004, she earned an M.S. in Clinical Psychopharmacology from Nova Southeastern University. She began an independent practice of psychology after obtaining her license in N.J. in 1974 where she provided psychotherapy and assessment services throughout the years even after she moved to Denver, Colorado in 1975 and became licensed there. In 1981, she became a full-time employee of Walker & Associates and built her independent psychology practice adding forensic services to psychotherapy until 1998 when she began training other psychologists at Nova Southeastern University College of Psychology. She continued Walker & Associates, LLC  on a part time basis until today, even after retiring from NSU.

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